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Shoulder pain

Hey guys I have a nagging problem. After I tried a new way to shoulder press, (ands pointing behind you in bottom position and rotating to facing in front on the way up), my shoulders have gone to shit. They bother me no matter what I do. Pull ups, bench, skull crushers, etc. It is not that painfull while I am working out, strength is down, but I am ok with that. But after I am home and rested for a few hrs. I can’t hardly lift my arms above my head. It feels like they get stuck around parallel to the floor. I took about 3 weeks off from training, and that didn’t help. I cannot take any more time off, the 3 weeks killed me. Is there anything I can do to help with this pain?

I don’t know the exact mechanics of the lift you are describing, but I have torn my right rotator cuff twice. The ‘I can’t hardly lift my arms above my head. It feels like they get stuck around parallel to the floor.’ describes the injury almost perfictly. Have your shoulders looked at by a professional.

I agree with Michelle. I messed up my shoulder a few times (rugby, mountain biking) and it never healed properly until I got it checked and re-habbed…go to a chiroproactor that can do art or go to a P.T.

Either way—DON’T LIFT!!! You can decide for yourself…either lift now and screw your shoulder (and your workouts for life!!!) or take some time off and let nature do its course.

Remeber, we lift to build out bodies…not to tear them up…and that is exactly what you are doing.

oh, and the move you were doing is called the Arnold Press…mad popular by … well, take a guess.

Go to a certified ART (Active Release Techniques) practitioner; they work wonders! Look

Those are commonly called Arnold presses, for obvious reasons. My doctor taught me the move AFTER I tore my rotator cuff (I tore it trying out for the CO Rockies- Oh Well, I made it farther than some kids dream.) Go VERY light and pump it. As for the pain, try chitosan and ART.

Thanks for the ART suggestion. I made an appointment with one today and will let you know how it goes.

Ok guys I went to see a Dr. that knows ART. He is not certified but he claims he knows how to do it. I know, not very acurate, but he is teh only one with in 70 miles that even knew what ART was. Anyway good news, my rotator cuff is not torn, he said it is a muscle imballence. My chest and back are strong and my rotator cuff is very weak. He did some treatment on me and he said it should be a fairly quick recovery. He also is an ex-bodybuilder and knows how it feels to be out of the game. He gave me some good exersices to do to strengthen my shoulder. Thanks for the help.