Shoulder Pain :(

Well, yesterday i did some weighted dips 5x5 with about 100lbs attached. Last night, my shoulder was screaming…it’s a little better this morning. But I can’t even rotate my arm in a complete circle without pain…

what gives? what are my options?

Cressey, Timbo, others? Thanks in advacne.

questions, were you going below parallel? were you using parallel or angled bars? Have you ever done that weight before? were your deltoid, triceps, chest already fatigued at that point in time in the excercise? laters pk

I’ve had a similar problem with my right shoulder as of late. I might not be the exact same problem, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to approach this. Normally I feel no pain. However, when I any type of pressing movement, I definitely feel the discomfort. This feeling is much different from that of sore muscles. I feels like its somewhere deep within my rear shoulder area. A friend of mine told me it’s probably my rotator and I should see a chiropractor, or better yet someone who is ART trained. Any thoughts? Thanks.

what up greek? i think it may be a little early at this point to be able to diagnose. at this point since it has only been a day or two, the only thing you can do is r.i.c.e. some ibuprofren should help also. im sure you already know this.

give it a few days if you still have this problem then you should probably go see the doc.

with any luck it is just a mild strain that will go away in a few days.

i have a shoulder problem of my own that i have been dealing with for a while. mine usually only hurts during overhead pressing. dips dont aggrevate it at all.

ice has been my best friend for a while now.

I’ve done the same thing before doing weighted dips. The problem seemed to have occured at the bottom of the movement. I think I might have gone too far past parallel. Of course, it might noto be the same thing, but I had a pretty limited ROM for a while and had to lay off the dips for a few weeks.

What kind of a sissy are you? If you had hurt your shoulder filming one of those porno’s, that’s legitimate, but dips? You weren’t even doing jump dips!

I kid. An injury sustained with the humerus behind the body often involves the teres minor. Test it out:

Bend your elbow to 90 degrees and adduct your arm all the way in front of your torso (as if you were doing an imaginary pec deck). Now keep the elbow in place and drop your wrist down so that your knuckles face the floor. Grab the affected arm by the wrist and isometricaly externaly rotate. If your teres minor is indeed the problem, this should either:
a)hurt like hell
b)feel extremely weak, compared to your good arm.

If this is the problem, stretch it out, and get some ART on the T.M., followed by high rep external rotations (with the humerus adducted) with as full of an ROM as you can complete.

Was there an accute trauma associated with this? (ie, a pop and then intense pain while at the bottom of the dip)

“Shoulder pain” is a very broad term; can you be a little more specific in terms of where the pain is located and what motions aggravate it?

As Ike said, was this a traumatic injury (immediate onset), or did you not notice pain until several hours after the training session?

Everything that Marc said is right on the money, but it’s still tough to say based on the limited info. For instance, if you felt a pain at the top of the motion (lockout), it could be your AC joint.

There was no pop…just a mild ripping noise as my arm and hand were ripped of my shoulder and left still gripping the dip bar.

Just kidding…

No, no noise or sounds whatsoever.

I do think I was going below parallel…

No pain immediately, this was all many hours later. Currently when I raise my upper arm away from my body at 90 degrees and rotate in a circle or even up and down as if I was trying to fly like a duck it hurts. Also, when simulating the dip movement, it definately hurts in the bottom portion of the movement.

If I was to pinpoint the site of pain it would be beneath my anterior and/or medial deltoid head.

When simulating external rotation with a shoulder horn (upper arm to side) it hurts when I lower my arm more than when I raise it.

Also, when simulating a back stroke swimming type movement it hurts.

from where you are implying i guess supraspinatus (cross your fingers it aint)


why do you say that?

any other insights?? its a little better today

It’s a lot better this morning which kind of sucks because when I get it looked at by a Doc he might not be able to see what I was talking about??