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Shoulder pain


I get pain (not DOMS) in my front delts when doing pressing movements.It usually lasts for a few days after but comes back the next time I train.I've tried taking up to 5 weeks off from lifting but the pain always comes back when I resume.
I'm quite sure that my form is correct so I'm guessing that it's just an over-use injury of some kind(been lifting for 8 years)
Anybody have a similar experience?If so is there any type of therapy that can be done?


Look for the thread "Unstable Shoulders :("

Eric Cressy, Chad W. and others helped me out with my shoulders. I realize the problem is slightly different but you may get some info off of this thread. Ciao. :slight_smile:


It is most definately your cuff rotator. Are you doing any exercises to strengthen them?
Well I have the same problem and all I can say is what everyone else says strengthen your cuff rotators.
DO a search on this site and on google maybe you will come up with lots of exercises to strenghten them.


It sounds like your subscapularis is probably shortened, which would cause referred pain in the anterior deltoid. This is pretty common and easy to fix with ART or deep tissue massage.


NMT masssage work also will release the 7 rotator cuff muscles so you can correct imbalance and then start to strengthen these muscles: supraspinatus, teres maj & minor, infraspinatus. Your Pec maj & min. and serratus anterior are likely more developed and tight. NMT and Deep Tissue massage will help immensely. And there is an article in Tmag archives that covers week shoulders. Most don't hold shoulders in proper position while lifting and will not recognize it until pain occurs sometimes years later. See article Strong and Healthy Shoulders- by John Paul Catazaro. I've Suffered through this as well and have found great relief from massage, stretching, and following advice and insight from article. Hope it helps.


I also seem to have this problem but only in my right shoulder. Are there any exercises that I can do to reduce this.


Aaron walden said: "It sounds like your subscapularis is probably shortened, which would cause referred pain in the anterior deltoid." As i chiropractor I find this correct, but problems with the infraspinatus muscle is more common to cause referred pain in the anterior deltoid, thats from my own and many of my collegaues experience!

chuck d: 7rotator cuff muscles? It`s only 4 (teres minor, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and sub scapularis), but its true that many other muscles also rotates the humerus

Uncle Bruceter: you should read Mike Robertsons great article: "Heal That Hunchback" and "Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum" by Eric Cressey. You should also check out the discussions about this articles at this forum. I don`t think that anybody can give you a correct diagnosis without a proper examination.

Yours in chiropractic //Powrman