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Shoulder pain.

I injured my shoulder do weighted dips. The problem is I am in the middle of a mag-10 cycle. Question is should I stop the cycle and lay low or should keep on the cycle and stick to exercises that do not aggrevate the shoulder?

I iced the shoulder down last night and it feels better,but it is still sensitive.

I injured my shoulder but not while doing dips. I was doing dumbbell curls of all things… I was able to work around the pain for the 2-3 weeks it took to heel by doing machine and preacher curls and still managed to see progress. If dips are the only thing that bothers it I wouldn’t quit if I were you. I would just avoid them. Bench Press is best for chest anyway and if you were doing dips for triceps there are definitely other exercises for that. I would also see a sports Dr about it. I went to a good doctor here in Houston recommended to me by Roger Applewhite (Dr. Denis Evans “Chiropractor”) who showed me how to strengthen my rotator cuff and stretch. I noticed more comfort even in both shoulders after a short time. I’m at 100% now.

So I guess it really depends on how bad your shoulder is and how many exercises it prevents you from doing.

See a Dr!

It depends on the severity of the shoulder injury, how far into your mag 10 cycle you are, and how adaptable your program is to removing exercises that aggravate your shoulder. If it is not a serious injury and you have complete ROM I would start the Cuff complex outlined by Dave Tate. That being said it is usually best to air on the side of caution and perhaps take at least a few days off.