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shoulder pain

about two months ago while performing a set of decline bench presses i injured my shoulder. it isnt so bad that i cant train but it does hurt and i think limit me in some ways. it hurts mostly on fly movements, dips, and skull crushers. it feels like it is in the middle delt. however, when i stretch my neck to the side i can feel a little pain run all the way up my neck. it throbs a bit after training and if i lay on it the wrong way it also hurts. i have been using the r.i.c.e. method but it doesnt seem to be helping. any ideas on what i can do to find and fix the problem?


Don’t mess around with your shoulders. You should get it checked out by a good sports doctor. I messed up my shoulder about 5 years ago and never got it looked at until recently. Big mistake – it never really got better until I really rested it and did the rehab exercises.

Do a search on ART (or A.R.T.)

That’s why I stay away from declines, it’s just too much direct pressure on the joint. If you want to hit your lower pecs without the shoulder pain, do some decline flies.

R-I-C-E is good for acute injuries.
Get in tough with a good art practitioner and start working on that rotator cuff! Find a knowledgeable Physio Therapist (the best would be highly qualified and a serious lifter) that will help you out with the rotator cuff exercises.
Good luck!

Hey there! Have you tried seeing a chiropractor? Having been a gymnast all my life. I was fortunate to have a personal chiro. Slight missalignments can cause a host of bizarre, unexplained injuries and problems which can quickly be rectified. When all other methods fail, do check it out. Particularly if the pain is running toward your neck? Good Luck

I’m pretty sure i have had a similar pain, after pulling my right arm back to much on overhead dumbell presses, although it doesnt sound this severe, since its lasted two months for you. For me, i damaged my rotator cuff. Best advice, attributed to Charles Poliquin, get deep-tissure massages. Get it checked out of coarse though. When you are rehabilitated DO MORE EXTERNAL ROTATOR CUFF exercises. Dont neglect your weakpoints.

yeah ill definitely have to get it checked out by a chiro. ill keep you posted on results. thanks.

Yep, let me know if you have any luck?

Find an ART pracitioner. I had weird pains and sensations in my neck/back/shoulder area, and I’ve had really good success with ART. To find one, go to the activerelease.com website and search by your zip code.

what kind of cost are we looking at for art.

Do a search on ART, this has already been discussed. The cost “varies”.

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