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shoulder pain

If anyone can heop me it would be much appreciated. I am 5’9 and just reached my goal weight of 200 at 12% bf with just supplements and now I am ready to go to AS. i was just going to start a cycle on NOv 1 but yesterday i ripped my rotator cuff so now i have to stay out of the gym for at least ten days. I realy dont want to lose the hard earned gains i have made. DOes anyone know of anyway to increase recovery time? Any supplements or drugs or any excerscises?PLEASE HELP

Sorry to hear about the torn rotator cuff. I had surgery in June and was unable to work out for a few months before (I’m stubborn and was resistent to the idea of surgery) and 6 weeks after surgery. With an injury, all you can do is maintain and try to minimize the damage. Get in 30-40 minutes of cardio on the days you would have normally worked out to give your metabolism a boost. Get in some lower body exercises, as they’re a large muscle group. All you can do is work around things until you heal or until you get the surgery. Also, do a search on this site for ART (Applied Release Technique). They’ve had great success with ART and rotator cuffs; i.e., avoiding surgery.

Good luck to you, sir!!!

10 days out of the gym won’t kill ya, in fact I’ve noticed that after about a week break from training I end up stronger. In the future you might want to consider preventative excercises instead of reactive… look thru the archives for rotator cuff on the main site and you’ll find a buncha excercises you can do to strenghen it.

I have had alot of problems with my rotator cuff and let me tell you if ya really did tear it that would be a automatic 6 month lay off from the gym. So i would go see a doctor if ya think you really did tear it. In a lot of cases a tear will need to be cut on to be fixed. One way to know if you tore it would be horrible almost crippling pain. You probably would have gone to the hospital as soon as it happened. Good Luck And let me know how it turns out.

Sorry, to hear about your cuff. I have had problems with mine for years. Here is a program that helps, but should be okay with you Sports Doc first. What you don’t have a Sport Doc, then get one. Three time a day use an ice cup for 15 Minutes, afterwards apply MSM cream to your shoulder.
As for your workouts, thanks you machines and dumbbels you can focus on one side of you body. Continue to workout on your good side. There is an old principal call cross innervation that demostration that when you exercise one side the other side gets some benefits. You may also want to try the old “Jedi” trick on conducting a deeply visual workout on your bad side. This will cause you nerve pathways to fire. Believe it or not.
But most importantly get your self a good Sports Doc. Best of Luck.

Hurt my left shoulder about 20yrs ago. A visit to a sports Doc revealed a rotator cuff strain. Steriod shots into the joint and then some rehab exercises got me back to working out at full strength in 3-4 months. 5 yrs ago my right shoulder hurt so bad I need to use my left hand to raise it above eye level. My Doc(a DO) sent me to a chiro who adjusted me, gave me stretching exercises and rehab exercises. Back to normal in 2-3 months. They both hurt ever once and awhile, but between the chiro and slowing down and lowering the weight on shoulder exercises, things are fine. I also warm up very thoroughly before ANY shoulder exercises! So far I’ve escaped the knife and hope to keep it that way.
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Hey, Xander. Don’t you just hate it when you’re chopping up demons, and then they regenerate? Sometimes, they pop up behind you and rip your arms off!

Lucky for you, you only tore your rotator cuff.

PS: I apologize if your name really is Xander!