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Shoulder Pain

Hey All,

So I know the shoulder pain thing has been done to death, but a search around hasn’t really cleared up what may be the problem with me.

To keep things simple, I have tested my shoulder in many positions and movements to help cut to the chase ASAP. I’m sure that with how common shoulder injuries some of you will be able to help diagnose this!

So it’s my right shoulder. I have no pain doing simple mobility drills, stretches etc. I get pain upon pressing, both standing and bench (barbell and dumbbell). To be more specific, I feel pain at the very bottom end of the ROM, so on the chest for bench and at the collar bone for press. I do not feel pain for the other 95 percent of the movements.

In terms of location, it is where the pec meets the delt, but obviously much deeper. So under the front deltoid but skewed to the left.

Does this instantly sound like X Y or Z to anyone?

Your time is appreciated


Sounds like something I have been dealing with. See my thread “anterior shoulder pain”.

Sounds like you need to rest from pressing for a week or two.

And read this article as it may help: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most.../shoulder_shocker


Not what you want to hear but best to get it checked. Could be many things but since I’ve been there, off the bat sounds like a rotator tear or laberal tear. Your biceps tendon also runs up there. You could try SMR incase on your biceps tendon and see if it eases. Could be just overuse and inflammation or could be something worse, best to get it checked
You could try pressing with a neutral grip for a while also incase its impingement issues.

Also switch to floor presses or press without your elbow going much below your shoulder.

Hey guys, have taken both of your replies into consideration, including reading that article and thread. Thank you for your time!

For anyone reading my post and thinking that is exactly there symptoms, i got it diagnosed, so perhaps this will help you.
Instability in the shoulder is causing rubbing against the labrum. The instability is likely caused by an under active serratus anterior.
Activation exercises are the next step, will keep people posted (for their sake, this is no longer in my interest apart from being helpful!)