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Shoulder Pain

When I was younger I had shoulder pain. But it was more towards my rotators cuff. If I threw anything, such as a baseball or tennis ball only once, I would feel like I just threw 100 baseballs and my arm is thrown out already. Even with a piece of paper, the motion and throwing of my arm would cause it.

The problem area now is in the middle part of my shoulder, halfway between my bicep and peak of my shoulder. I never went to a doctor but now lifting my shoulder is starting to hurt me. Flat Barbell Bench it doesn’t hurt so much, but I can still feel some slight pain. Incline though, it is a whole different story. I cannot do incline with full ROM, hurts to much, and even when I do light weight incline with barbell or dumbbell I can feel pain the entire time. I even tried machine incline hammer strength and the pain subsides a little but it is still there. Also, I’m starting to feel it when I do shoulders as well. Dumbbell Press it is present and I can feel it. There is always a dull pain afterwards when I’m doing working out for the day. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I stopped doing Arnold Dumbbell Press because when I make the motion of coming forward I can feel my shoulder popping every single time.

I’m afraid that my shoulder is severely messed up from when I was younger and is now affecting my lifting. Any opinions on what it could be or what I could be facing? I’m currently bulking for a contest next August so its starting to make me nervous.

This is all in my right shoulder also. Left one is fine.

Could be a rotator cuff or labrum tear. Only a doc will be able to pinpoint it.