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Shoulder Pain


I just recently had an MRI performed on my right shoulder (throwing shoulder) and I am having some trouble understanding what the report is saying.

Background: I had back surgery this past February to repair a Pars Fracture at L5/S1. After completing my Physical Therapy my Doctor wrote me a prescription for an MRI on my neck. Due to my sedentary lifestyle because of the surgery my neck started flaring up and this is what the report read:

Mild Spondylosis at C5-6 and C3-4 levels.
No evidence of herniated nucleus pulposus or central canal stenosis. No Focal left sided findings to account for patients symptoms.

I began therapy on my neck(muscle stim, ultra sound, massage, and traction). All this seemed to irritate my shoulder and now attempting to lift my right hand over my head is a chore. After receiving the report on the shoulder MRI this is what I found out:

SLAP lesion with and associated 7-8mm posterior superior paralabral cyst.

I have been taking anti-inflammatories but the pain is staying consistent. It has been difficult to even begin thinking about exercising with the constant pain. Can anyone help explain what these MRI reports mean?? I have tried to do some research but haven't been able to totally understand exactly what is going on.



I had frozen shoulder many years ago, but it was temporary. It can be treatable if you have frozen shoulder.

I had been suffering from neck problems for many years. I did have lots of physiotherapy treatments (physical therapy) for many years, but they were not good enough to cure my neck. I had few MRI scans on my neck, but all of the reports said my neck does not have any abnormal conditions, but my consultant suspected that it was an ongoing tissue discomfort in my neck.

About two years ago, I started performing neck exercise regime in my local gym. It eventually helped my neck a lot. I put weight plate onto the back of my neck while my chest lying on flat bench. Then, I moved my head higher and nearly looked at ceiling. Please do not use neck exercise regime, unless you have permission from your doctor and physical therapist, because your MRI report said that you have mild spondylosis in your neck.

It says that it can unavoidably weaken your neck joints, but it can be risky to pressure on your nerve roots. I think your neck might put you into a difficult situation if your pain does not disappear. Maybe it sounds like that you could have fibromyalgia. Seemingly, your neck and back are under pressure. Have you ever tried taking an anti-inflammatory powder called DONA?