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Shoulder Pain


Started lifting again on the 5th. Had a good workout for the first time back and actually enjoyed being in the gym again for the first time in well over a year. Went back today to train the same movements (bench, weighted dips using 2 benches, incline press, pulldowns). As soon as I went down to do my first bench, I had intense shoulder pain right where it meets your pec. Got the first rep and felt like I could finish the set, the second time down it felt worse, and the third time I couldnt even get the weight back up. Has this happened to anyone else?


did you warm up at all before lifting?


The pain was on what was supposed to be a warmup set. It was a full 50 pounds below the final sets which were to be at 185.


Right. But what about warming up BEFORE lifting, a.k.a. stretching, soft-tissue work, mobility/activation drills???


No, I just use light weight for a few sets then start to add weight. How would you go about that kinda stuff?


That's kind of like asking how to go about lifting weights. Learning about a proper warm up will take time and will require you to educate yourself on the subject matter. I recommend reading everything you can find on mobility by Robertson or Cressey. If you pick up Cressey's program "Maximum Strength" he outlines an excellent warm up in the beginning. If you have a little bit of cash, you can look into investing in "Assess and Correct" from those two.


Thanks, will look it up ASAP.


Look up some shoulder anatomy and see if you can pinpoint what muscle is actually in pain. I had some significant shoulder pain in what felt like my middle delt. I researched more and looked into where the pain was and what muscle it could be and I found out what was actually hurting was part of the rotator cuff. I prescribed to the bro workout routine for years: bench, curls and talk shit.

In order to remedy my pain, I had to do very light weight cuban presses and started doing barbell rows. Fast forward 2 months and my row strength is nearing my bench strength. I have also had no pain in either shoulder since then.

I also noticed that you said you warm up with 50lbs less than final sets which are 185lbs. I do final sets close to 300lbs and my warm ups start off at 95lbs. You have to keep in mind that warming up just means getting blood flowing to the area.

Good luck man.


^^^Hey thanks man. Im tryin to go about this as smart as I can. Ill take some weight off the bar for the warmup and add some stretching/mobility stuff too. I figure that should help, and if it persists, Ill go deeper into the research. Thanks for the advice.