Shoulder Pain

I have sharp posterior shoulder pain when doing any vertical or horizontal pushing motion. Full ROM benchpress is impossible (I can’t even do a pushup without pain), however rackpresses/floorpresses I can do, albeit with some pain.

Strangely enough, the pain is worse when I bench with “good form”, IE elbows tucked in more, scapula retracted and depressed. Winging out my scapula and interally rotating my shoulder slightly as the “set” position, as well as keeping my elbows flared out is the most succesful thing I’ve done in preventing the pain.

I’ve been trying to do 5/3/1 (Floorpress, Dead, Chinup, Squat) and wonder if I should keep pushing on or whether this is inviting more injury.

Should I just do more direct tricep work and flies?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Well no one can really diagnose your shoulder problem over the internet. Here’s sort of like a checklist to go through though in your warm-up:

  1. T-spine extension/rotation
  2. Scapular stability
  3. Serratus anterior activation/strength
  4. Lengthening of posterior rotator cuff muscles
  5. Shoulder internal & external rotation
  6. Subscapularis activation/strength
  7. Scapular upward rotation
  8. Lower traps activation/strength
  9. External rotators activation/strength
  10. Chest flexibility
  11. Deep neck flexors activation/strength

I’ve also been having posterior shoulder pain during overhead pressing movements. A search turned up this thread: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness