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Shoulder Pain?


Ive had this problem for a LONG time, and cant really get it to go away. Ive been to a PT, but his response was, "it must have been a strain or injury a long time ago" He offered no solution or anything, and I got frustraded with him.

I played baseball between the ages of 5-17 and was a pitcher for much of that time. So this may be related to that.

But basically its not actually in my shoulder, but seems to be to do with my Upper traps. I get a pain behind or underneath the coracoid process when I shrug my shoulders up a certain way. It usually hurts on high incline presses, but many times i'll be able to do a completely vertical shoulder press with no pain. Also, the pain is no greater lifting a heavy load, than just lifting my hands or shrugging.

I cant shrug, but I can deadlift heavy with no problems.

Any ideas? Im thinking its either impingement or bursitis, and am wondering if theres a way to fix it or if I should just work around it and avoid what hurts?


My first guess would be impingement,
are you doing anything in the realm of prehab work?


Seated DB cleans, Facepulls, band pull-aparts, pushups.

The facepulls have helped some in the past.

Also, if i roll my shoulder up then back and down, i can hear a "clicking" sound, not like bone clicking but a lower pitched thud.


It could be a step deformity. They range from 1 to 4, I think...4 being a complete separation. The rest are degrees of sprains. Can you feel a bump at the end of your clavicle? I'm currently recovering from a 2 and I have similar symptoms.


I dont really feel a difference between the two sides. But its doing a lot better, and its only been like 4-5 days since it really started acting up.

Im just gonna avoid vertical pressing and vetical pulling for a while and see how things go. Thx for the suggestion.