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Shoulder Pain


Im having some pain in my shoulder area whenever I do Hammer Strength Rows, 1-arm lateral raise . It feels like the inside of my shoulder gets agitated , like during the actual moving of the exercise no pain but when i get back to the starting position they start to hurt but when I did lat pulldowns no pain and DB rows i had slight pain but nothing as bad as when I am doing the Hammer Strength Rows.


How strong is your upper back in comparision to your chest and anterior delts? Do you allow your shoulders to fall forward in the motion or lift your shoulders with your traps? I would drop back the weight a little bit and watch your form.

I've experienced a similar problem and when I dropped back and corrected my shoulders in the movement I didnt experience the pain anymore.

Just a thought.


My back strength is equal if not slightly stronger then my chest and anterior delts


I get the same thing, could be weak rotator cuff?


How does your shoulder feel the rest of the day?

Does anything else aggravate it? Does anything in particular help make the pain go away?

Have you had any specific incident you recall that started the pain, or did it come on gradually?

Where does it hurt?... front, back, side, on top?

What kind of pain is it? Sharp, Dull, Aching, Throbbing? How bad is it on a scale of 1-10?

With the very limited information you gave I would guess you have some mild to moderate anterior GH instability, or you could be causing some internal posterior impingement when you finish the exercise indicating a tight posterior capsule.

Regardless, let's use some common sense here... don't do any of the exercises that hurt for now.


Rotator Cuff for sure, search for rehab exercises, ice the shit out of it, and lay off exercises that aggravate it for 2 weeks. If that doesn't work, a trip to the doctor would be smart, no matter how annoying it is.


On a scale of 1-10 i would say 6 maybe 7 like it only hurts during the Hammer Strength Row exercises its wierd. I did Arms today and had no pain today in my shouder. One thing i have notice recently is that if i just take my left arm and put it in a Militart Press form and go up and down my shoulder area I hear a clicking sound it doesnt hurt or anything just kinda odd.

And i guess the pain is Aching its much more prominent in my left shoulder then my right


Maybe it's the chest support pad making your upper arm pull forward as you pull on the handles? Trying some other chest supported rowing movement might prove this out.


I wouldn't worry too much about the clicking if it's not painful. There's an off chance it could indicate something like a labral tear, but it's not likely without a traumatic injury unless you are older and have been very active.

At a pain level of 6-7 I'd call that pretty severe and something you shouldn't take lightly. A visit to a physiatrist or competent physical therapist is not a bad idea. Although I'd love to be able to solve your problem from here, it's quite tough over the internet with no ability to see your shoulder and do a full exam.