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Shoulder Pain


In my right shoulder I have pain which prevents me from doing pullups. But when I do heavy incline presses or dumbbell presses I dont feel any pain at all. Whats up with that?


The shoulder’s an incredibly complex joint. Chances are, something is injured that gets used when you do pullups, but doesn’t get used when you do heavy incline presses or dumbbell presses.


I had a messed up a/c joint and pullups were the worst. Chinups were tolerable, and DB benching aggravated it slightly.

Avoid what bothers it, or it will probably get worse.

Try doing some scap depressions, a pullup w/ just shrugging the shoulder blades down, and add some other prehab/rehab stuff into your program.

I’m back to the point where I can do pullups and such w/o much trouble or pain during the movement. I’ll still be a little sore or tender in the area the next day if I over do it, but worlds above where it used to be.