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Shoulder Pain


I've had some shoulder pain for about 8 weeks now and it has got to the stage where it is effecting the intensity of my workouts.
It seems to be chest/tricep days that are aggravating it the most.
The pain is coming from the trigger point at the back of my shoulder and the pain is spreading to the backside of my delt.

I saw a physiotherapist last week and he could feel the tightness at the triggerpoint so he stuck two dry needles into it ( 2.5 inches deep and hit bullseye OMG! )and taped my shoulder back a little. He believes that some muscles are developing faster than others (in particular my traps) and it is pulling my shoulders forward which is causing friction on the rotator cuff.
He recommends that I avoid excercises that cause pain.

Is this a common problem for beginners?

Could my routine be causing this?

Have any of you guys suffered this pain/injury before?

Do I really need to take a break?

What can I do ???


Trap pull shoulders up not forward...get a new physio

Try more shoulder retraction exercises and rows for a little while, really focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together, not just pulling the bar into yourself.


Doing a YTW + external rotations circuit briefly before each upperbody workout has really done wonders for my shoulder pain. I highly recommend it, on top of the advice to take a better look at your form, and your program, to make sure everything is ok.


I would also suggest throwing in some external rotations. I screwed up my shoulder freshman year of HS due to a muscle imbalance. I never took my rehab too seriously which led to a lingering injury. Since I've started warming up extensively before pressing days and throwing in a "prehab" trifecta of exercises twice a week (Bent Rotation, straight arm rotations, scapular retraction rows) , my shoulder pain has been nonexistent. If all else fails, I like the idea some people have of pulling twice as often as you press, with a focus on retracting your scapula. Icing post workout also seems to help me.


I agree with mr popular.

Check out Nick Tumminello's article here on how to do the 'YTWL' correctly: