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Shoulder Pain


hey guys. about 2 weeks ago i woke up with an extremely stiff shoulder and noticed that my rom with it has dropped significantly. i have had issues with it since i had it in a cast for 4 months after shattering my radius, but im not sure how but something i did fucked it up bad.

i am guessing i have a chest/back imbalance as, like many, when i started lifting a few years ago spent most of my efforts on pushing movements and very little pulling.

ive read around on here and seen that some took a few months where they cut to only a few sets of db benches a week and incorporated a ton of pulling exercises to fix the imbalance, and their shoulder pain went away, along with their lifting numbers increasing dramatically.

i forgot to mention that my military press and bench numbers have almost completely stagnated in the last 6 months, i believe because of my shoulders.

my question is... should i try this? just work pulling exercises for a few months?

if so, how many should i do so i am not overdoing it? how much benching, if any, should i do? and should i completely cut out direct shoulder work for a while? hope this all makes sense... and thanks in advance!