Shoulder Pain

I am new here…I have read several of the other articles about shoulders and shoulder care…but they don’t apply to me.

Basically…I’m a boxer…I did some pull-ups about 5 weeks ago…I just felt energised one night and decided to do a load of them…mixed…palms facing shoulder width, wide grip palms facing away etc. Anyway…I hurt my shoulder towards the end.

The pain is still there…I have not trained properly now for 5 weeks. I can do press-ups fine and do them every night…but can’t do pull-ups!!!

The pain is in the front of my shoulder, where the pec meets the shoulder…right in the middle. It only is a problem for pulling not pushing, and when my arm is above my head.

It also hurts in the morning when I wake up.

Any advice would really be appreciated.