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Shoulder Pain with Rear Delt Flyes


Hello guys!

When I perform rear delt flys, my shoulder acts up very harsh.
I don’t have a problem when pressing, or in lateral movements even if I feel it, so I want to ask if anyone has experienced similar pain in the front/side shoulder and if u have some exercise routine for rehab to suggest, I think that active rehab will help it a lot, what did you do in similar situations or what exercises (like face pulls etc) you added that helped you?
Thank you in advance!


Are you doing rear delt flys on an incline bench or rear delt machine?
If you change the angle do you get the same pain?


I’m just leaning forward when sitting on a bench!

Hmm haven’t tried changing the angle but I think that the right thing is that it shouldn’t hurt from any angle you hit it if it’s alright I mean if it functions well, the muscle.


Our shoulders are really complex and we use them in just about any upper body exersize. It is so easy to over work them and injure them. The shoulder rotator cuff tear is the biggy. There are also impingement issues that cause pain and damage. Is there anyone at your gym you trust that can check your form or identify exersizes that are know for impingement issues even if done right?

Sorry I don’t have any specific answer I just brain storming to give you ideas to investigate.