Shoulder Pain with Pressing Movements

For a few months now I’ve had shoulder pain with just about every pressing movement. It’s been getting in the way of me progressing in strength. Any suggestions on how to alleviate this?

Whats your pulling to pushing ratio?
How much can you pull up/ chin (body weight + any external weight)?
How much can you Press, Bench?

I usually do 4 sets of 4 to 5 different pressing exercises and 5 sets of 4 to 5 different pulling exercises. I weigh 250lbs and can do 10 to 15 pull up/chins. On a good day… lol my flat bench is stuck at 5 reps of 315lbs only because my shoulder gets weak when I add more weight.

Would you be willing to post your training (routine, split, workout) for the week or cycle?

Could be so many things, but with the limited info you’ve given it’s impossible to give sound, structured advice.

Where specifically is your pain? Is it bench pressing or OH pressing that causes more problems? Push ups problematic as well? Do you participate in any other activities/sports besides just lifting? What there any specific injury that occurred or did the pain just come up after lifting? Any history of previous/old injuries to that shoulder? What benching technique do you use?