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Shoulder Pain with Pressing and Lateral Raising Movements

I’ve been having nagging shoulder pain on both sides but mostly right right for years and was recently made worse while doing ring dips. Now I can’t even think about doing barbell incline presses and shoulder press. I can, however, do an Arnold press pretty comfortably. Also lateral raising above about 80 degress has pain. I feel pain along the bicep tendon and into the upper pec as well as tenderness within the AC joint. I have a good idea of tissues involved but am unsure as to how to treat. Any thoughts? Stretching, scapular stabilizing exercises?


Bamboo bar if you have access to one. 4-5 sets of 50 reps. You’ll see noticeable improvements.

Interesting. I don’t have access to one but if I secure the weighted bands between 2 pins would it create a similar effect?

If your shoulder has been painful for years you’ve probably started moving your shoulder in a funny way, maybe limiting the motion of the joint to avoid the pain. Using less ROM makes the joint less mobile.

These arm circles against a tiny band(1:00) are a good way to restore the shoulder joint.

After that they do some internal and external rotation moves that you’ve seen 1 million times. When you do those motios, make sure your arm moves smooth. If the motion is " herky jerky" or your arm “rachets” jumping a few inches at a time you gotta smooth that motion out.

At :30 they show a 1 arm pullover motion to build shoulder stability, work the serratus and some arm muscle you never heard of, and take pressure off the bicep. Then at 1:30 a band uppercut to rehab the bicep and practice shoulder extension.

The band circles, pullover and band uppercuts are good. I did those moves 3-4 times a week for a month or so before I was pain free.

For a pressing exercise, you gotta try Landmine Presses. I know they look like some kind of incline bench, upper chest motion, but they are a Great shoulder move. There is weight/ resistance but your not 100% supporting the weight. For whatever reason this let’s you get great, full range shoulder motion and allows your scapula to move around freely so you don’t get AC joint pain.

For the lateral raises, go stand in front of the mirror and watch your shoulder super close. When you make the lateral raise motion Look at what happens. If your front delt or your trap contracts first, you’re doing it wrong. Try again, looking at your medial delt and make sure its doing the work. Put the fingertips of your other hand on the mid delt, or do whatever you have to do to connect with that muscle. Take as much time as it takes to figure that shit out.

The best way to replicate it is to go to a Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. and get a PVC pipe roughly the same length as your standard Olympic bar. Take mini bands and dangle a 25lb or 35lb plate from each side and go to town. It will strengthen your rotator cuffs, pump fresh blood into injured areas (the single most important part to healing an injury), reveal faults in your bench press setup and/or execution, among many other things.

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Wow! Thank you for the thorough recommendations! Will definitely add those in.

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Perfect. Thank you!

Try either of these, as well as a single arm preacher curl with the shoulder in less than 60 degrees of flexion, your neck turned toward the working arm and lead by your ring and pinky fingers (so extra supination)

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Good tips. Thank you!

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