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Shoulder Pain With PL Bench Press

I’ve always had a slight problem with my left shoulder, ever since a kid, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. It doesn’t really bother me at all unless I don’t workout. Sometimes I get an ache for a day or so, an upright row movement hurts a little.

Anyway I read a shoulder article here, in it, it compaired a powerlifters benchpress(elbows in) to a bodybuilding benchpress (elbows out), the elbows in is said to be better on the shoulders, I tried this and I am the opposite, I feel fine doing regular elbow out bench presses, but when I do elbows in with less weight I get a pain around my front delt, I also get this with close-grip benchpresses.

Any suggestions as to why it hurts when my elbows are in?

Dunno if stats will help any-
Bench 280lbx1,only happened once few months ago, havent made it since :frowning:
Shoulder press 155lbx1
In current routine:Close grip bench 3x6 with 155lb, hurts left shoulder

Thank you

Where are you bringing the bar down to Im guessing to high??

have you done any shoulder prehab. ex. rotaions shoulder horns, dislocates??

In the end do what does NOT hurt. Dont ever upright row if it hurts You etc. some can do them some cant


Thanks for the quick reply.
I sometimes do internal and external rotations, last week I did them with a stretch band and my shoulder was sore the next day, but it was due to rain :).
My shoulder doesnt hurn on any other exercises, just close grip bench, I found long ago that I couldn’t do barbell upright rows, even with an EZ-curl bar, dumbbells are fine though.
Anyone know what muscles affected by elbow in movements such as CGBP?, it feels like the front delt.
Its never a savere pain, but I’m wondering if I should see the doctor again even though 10years ago they couldn’t find anything wrong. Just worried that in old age it may get worse

Sounds similar to the pain I had in my left shoulder. Diagnosis was a bone spur causing impingement which was removed but then I developed a partial tear in the rotator cuff. When you bench with the elbows in you have to bring the bar down to the lower chest and as you bring it up push towards your feet.

Never do an exercise which causes you pain. I also cannot do upright rows. You should do the internal/external rotations all the time not just sometimes. I would also suggest seeing a doctor again because a lot can develop in 10 years.

Pain in the supraspinatus will often feel as though its in the front delt ‘somewhere’. Or it may feel to be under the delt (which it is). It may be wise to get a Physical therapist to examine you (think rotator cuff).

Have you tried doing dips instead of bench press?

Years ago I had a partial tear in my supraspinatus that prevented me from benching and OHP. However I was able, after PT treatment, to completely rehabilitate myself with dips. After going back to bench press and OHP proved to be a breeze.

Still to this day I do cycles with the Dip as my main upper body movement and it never fails to deliver. IMHO Dips are a much underrated exercise. Start with bodyweight and focus on the contraction of your pecs.