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Shoulder pain while doing curls

Try to picture the shoulder joint… I get pains where the ball fits into the socket (feels like in between the two, if you can imagine the “point” of you shoulder, this is where it hurts, maybe that makes no sense i don’t know) when I do any sort of arm curls. This onlt happens in my left shoulder, and my left arm also fails much before my right (I am right handed). I was wondering if anyone can suggest a cause for such a problem and a possible cure. It really sucks doing barbell curls when one arm fails before the other by 5 reps (I know, I can supplement with dumbell curls but I like barbell curls a whole lot better). I would really appreciate any suggestions of what I can do to make my left arm equal up to the right and to get rid of the shoulder pains. Any excercise suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you have an impingement problem in your shoulder, most likely from being too tight as well as doing too much chest and shoulder work in relation to back and traps work. Also for it to hurt you like that when doing barbell curls, that means you’re cheating the bar up using your anterior deltoids. Try doing them with your back planted against a wall or pad, do them ultra-strict and don’t let your elbows come up at all.

Also, I get a “pain” in my left bicep that prevents me from lifting any further. It is not a regular “to failure” pain, I would say that it is in some way linked to the shoulder. If it matters I also have a somewhat restricted range of motion in both shoulders. Thanks for your help in advance.

The condition you are referring to could be a whole host of things. Are you thoroughly stretching before your workouts? Maybe it could be tightened delt muscles, perhaps a pinched nerve or something of the like, inflammation where the muscle connects to the tendon, muscular imbalances… it could be a lot of things. Try stretching thoroughly, try some glucosamine, some ASA, and if it’s just getting worse stop training it and see a specialist.

i had a pain in my shoulder similar to what you described which made curling with even light weights torturous i know i got mine from trying to max out on incline bench presses,(stupid!). i found that when i warmed up my shoulders with light front and side raises,(5lbs). the pain lessened. oddly enough it totally went away after the first few days of trying tribex,coincidence? maybe, but i suggest you take some time off and see a doctor.good luck!