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Shoulder Pain When Jerking


I'm a beginner weightlifter and now have a chronic shoulder pain which I think is caused by jerking or other overhead shoulder exercises done in high speed (usually with a leg drive). The pain is located on top of my shoulders in a bony area (I think it's called "acromion").

Outside training, my shoulders are actually OK because the pain emerges only in certain ways. One way to reproduce it is to hold my arms straight then bring them to the back of my head. I read that sharp pain in certain ROM means injury, is that true?

I'm curious about what causing the pain is, my humerus bangs the acromion when jerking or something? Slow controlled shoulder exercises definitely don't make my shoulders hurt. Do you think slow overhead pressing would help (or perhaps makes it worse) or is it just something that my shoulders have to get used to?



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Hmm I don't know how my form looks like since I never record it. I think I'll do those shoulder mobility exercises (Cressey comes to mind).

BTW do you think that if my mobility doesn't improve but I continue to do jerks my shoulders will just get worse?


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I think they will get worse but perhaps by training the jerk itself my mobility could improve? Just a hypothetical question because I'm gonna do those mobility exercises.


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I don't have anything to contribute I just wanted to say the title of this thread made me laugh. :slight_smile:


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Sometimes I jerk so fast it hurts bad.

My snatch is fine though. It's not big in any way but quite pretty. People who have seen it seem to agree.


I thought he was having shoulder pain while jerking off.


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Thank you very much for your input and the information, BBB.

I hesitate to cut the volume down (and it's not much, only one or two clean&jerk training sessions per week) because I'm currently learning the olympic lifts and right now the pain is only minor. But if it only gets worse then perhaps that's what I've to do.


For someone like me who already has crappy mobility in his shoulder, but NEVER does jerks, would jerking help or hinder?


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I haven't jerked again (should be later today) but yesterday did snatches. Anyway, I just checked my shoulders and I could feel some (slight) movement on the right one and there's also some faint rumbling noise when I move it around. FCK!!

Left one seems to be normal thankfully.

I think the way I often operate the mouse (computer) might contribute to my shoulder health. Because my PC is beside my bed, I often operate the mouse while lying on the bed and that pull the right shoulder somewhat at odd angle. I also used to have wrist problem (also on my right arm) because of this.




Sorry but actually I just got back from training and did some light jerks. The bent back knee style definitely helps my shoulders and I recommend trying it for people who haven't done it before. But perhaps it's just me, and due to my lack of experience I'm not really sure.

BTW I made a thread about the style here:


A couple of the exercises in Cressey's shoulder-rehab stuff and the Neanderthal No More program have you doing those "Cuban presses" which is basically just a seated jerk w dumbbells. I tried them a couple times, but haven't been doing them lately. Do you think those are still a bad idea even at a significantly reduced weight?

If so, what the eff can I do to improve shoulder mobility?


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Paperclip - Do you get the pain in the mornings when you have been sleeping on your affected shoulder joint? does it aggravate it? ????

Try getting a therband from your physio - green stretchy band and he will advise you to strenf=gthen your rotaror cuffs this should enable u to lift heavier and hold the weak joint in place