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Shoulder Pain w/ OHP Lock Out


When I am about to lock out during log presses,I feel dull pain right in the middle of the deltoid bone structure.The pain gets worse when I do DB OHPs. The pain is not terrible,just that it affects my pressing performance. By the way,I am absolutely fine with the bugbear of shoulder irritation-weighted dips...

What could be the problem? Impingement?

I took a 2 week layoff from OHPs but it didnt help at all...


Probably some impingement I bet. Make sure you ice and use aleve.

Work on "catching" the log at the top like an olympic weightlifter, this will take some of the stress off your shoulders...


Ice it frequently? Would you do a shoulder rehab program like this?


Yep, the diesel crew has some good stuff, give it a try.

I'd ice after every time you train, or if it bothering you. Ice is good stuff.