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Shoulder Pain, Sore Trap

I’ve been getting pretty bad shoulder pain in the left side, on all overhead pressing, incline pressing, flyes, and to some extent flat bench pressing. I always warm up, and recently have been doing a lot of shoulder dislocations which dont seem to help. I have forward shoulder posture which i am working on fixing. The trigger point for this pain seems to be in the trap muscle between the shoulder and neck, it also hurts in the same place on the other side but not as bad, and the right shoulder doesnt cause pain. I thought it was an impingement, but due to how much pain is in the trap when i press on it, i`m not sure if that would be likely.

Hi, i am no expert but you need rest. If you do not get help here i suggest you pay an expert it would be a good investment. Some have less problem with neutral grip so machines offering neutral grip and or dumbells might be a good option versus barbell when you can start to test returning to action.
All the best !