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Shoulder Pain Ruins My Journey

A year now I have a shoulder pain (left arm only), on September I started bulking and during the progressive overload the pain was even more especially during chest workout, so on November I decided to see a doctor. The doctor told me that is not something serious probably shoulder impingement and he didn’t want me to do an MRI scan for further analysis. He advised me to start some sessions with a physiotherapist to strengthen my rotator cuffs, so I have stopped any activities and exercises that will push my shoulders and tried to rehab the pain with the physiotherapist sessions with 0 results , after 4 weeks the pain definitely was not as much as before but there was still pain even when I was doing external rotations exercises.

Then I decided f*** these sessions I will try to fix my problem without the help of physiotherapist, I started searching on the internet to find different solutions from people that had the same problem. I found different articles and videos on how to strengthen my rotator cuffs and I have started to implement my workouts with these tips.

Stretching well before the workouts was the best tip that I found after 1 year of pain + some extra rotator cuffs exercises 2 times a day that I found.

Now after 3 months I don’t have pain at all during back workout, arm workout or even on rotator cuff exercises. But the problem still exist during chest workout I can’t do bench incline or flat without pain I can’t do DB flys without pain or even hammer strength machine so I don’t think is my form. The exercises that I can do is exercises with cables (high + low) and pec deck machine. As result every time I do chest workout I can’t hit my chest properly and what makes me mad is that the pain is only during the workout when I finish my workout and go home or even the next morning the pain goes away.

That’s really downside for my motivation because I really want to reach my fitness goals but this problem is really a setback. The good thing is that I can do back and arm workouts without pain at all so guys I need your advice if you have any alternative ways on how to approach chest workouts until I strengthen more my rotator cuffs

Someone told me to try reverse grip do you think that will help? Also does hit the chest exactly as the normal way?


Where (exactly) is the pain? Pec attachment at the arm?
Have you tried floor presses?

I think the side deltoid or the front deltoid causes the pain. When I flex my arm I feel the pain right after I relax my bicep see the photo (https://i.imgur.com/undefined.jpg) or when I have my arm up and push it backward I still feel a bit of pain.