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Shoulder Pain Preventing Growth in 5-3-1 Program


Im not sure if its me or how Im following the program. I had shoulder surgery about a year ago so maybe Im just screwed for life but heres my issue.

On the 5-3-1 program I get great results only problem is once I get my Bench press up to about 270lbs or my Overhead press to 170lbs my shoulder gets to hurting bad and I end up haveing to take a few weeks off to heal. When I start back up Im starting at 20lbs less so It seems like a 2 steps forward 2 steps back repeat cycle.

I thought maybe its my assistance excersises so for you guys that do the program maybe you can give me some info that will help me blow past this barrier as my goal is to Bench 300 & press 200... Heres what I generally do on upperbody days..

Mon- Warm up, 5/3/1 Bench, Bench 4 sets of 10, Croc row 5x15, Push ups 4x failure, TRX rows(its like the oposite of a push up kinda like a row just bodyweight)4 x 15

Wed-Warm up, 5/3/1, Chin ups 5 x 10, Dips 5 x 10, Shrugs 5x15

Seems like the pain I get is in the rear of my shoulder Im pretty sure its the rotaor cuff since thats what I surgery on before... Let me know what yall think my help me fix this


I would find a variation of ohp that lets you progress without pain.

you did post in bodybuilding...


I still can't barbell bench without shoulder pain.
I've messed around a lot with form, still can't figure it out.
I switched to dumbbell bench and it erased all problems, but I still hold out hope that I'll be able to figure it out some day.

But, I can say that since switching from regular military to thick bar, false grip military press, it no longer causes me any type of "bad" pain.
Give it a try.


Can you elaborate on your "warm up?" Are you doing any prehab work for your shoulder or just ignoring the fact that you had surgery?


Warm up is bassically 5 reps @ 40%, 5 @50%, 5@60% OVHP..

Yes I do a 10min shoulder rehab routine with a 10lb dumbell and some bands on shoulder day.. This time around Im going to try doing my rehab routine 3x a week plus more streatching and see if that helps