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Shoulder Pain, Please Advise


I wasn't sure where to put this, so here it is.

I made my shoulder pretty angry yesterday with two sets of seated incline curls (of all things). 24 hours later, I still have a stabbing pain in my delt. If I reach across the front of my body at or above shoulder level (e.g. to scratch my other shoulder), it makes the stabbing pain worse.

The DC broomstick stretch (AKA shoulder dislocations) seems to help for a little while, as does ibuprofen. I've been taking extra Flameout today, as well. I did some light overhead pressing today as part of a complex, which didn't seem to bother it.

If anyone can help me rehab this, or has some idea what it might be, I would appreciate it.



You’ve been doing well so far but don’t forget to RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation!
I would definitely rest it and possibly see a physiotherapist/chiropractor about it. Sorry to hear
about it though, injuries always suck.


You more than likely strained your ligament connecting your bi to your shoulder or damaged your GH joint. You should probly go get checked out, cause if left untreated those injuries can be major bad news


Bi tendon at the shoulder would be my guess…

Did you curl with rounded shoulders or anything like that? Did you bounce at the bottom? Back rest set at too low an angle?

If it’s a sharp pain, get it checked like the poster above me said… (unfortunately I don’t think that anything other than an MRI is going to give you certainty as to what exactly the issue is)


Thanks, everyone, for your replies.

[quote]Cephalic_Carnage wrote:
Bi tendon at the shoulder would be my guess…

That was my guess too, didn’t want to say anything though.

This, I think

I’m going to get my shoulders and hips dug out soon (ART), the guy is a DC, and he is supposed to be pretty good, so hopefully he can help me out and I can avoid an expensive MRI.

Anything I should do/avoid in the meantime?


Piggyback - my left shoulder feels like it’s catching on itself in certain positions, and hurts a ton upon removal of pressure if I support bodyweight on it.


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