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Shoulder Pain Only During OHP


For maybe the last two months I have been getting this very sharp (Satan stabbing me with a flaming hot pitch fork) pain in the left shoulder. It’s just over the crest of the shoulder on the arm (Below the acromian process, somewhere around where the supraspinatus tendon and subacromial bursa are looking at a diagram). I’ve never had a shoulder injury and I do stretch (weighted, static). It seems to only occur with 90 degree work (military, overhead squat).

My bench is weird so I do my seated press at 75-80ish and that never gives it any trouble. It’s been so bad the last two weeks I have had to cut some of the later press sets because it just locks up (I’m doing CT’s Complete Power Look right now). I can still do laterals but last week I had to cut the dumbbell presses, today I was able to do them by dropping weight and turning my wrists hammer style with elbows in front. When I finish the workout I can’t even lift the left arm away from the body, but within a few hours ROM is back, pain is gone and I could even lift again. It never bothers me all week, just on shoulder day. That makes it seem to me that it isn’t structural damage… maybe a nerve getting pinched under the pressure of a loaded bar?

I may end up wasting some hours at the VA, but you know I was hoping to actually get an answer…I would appreciate it if anyone has some.