Shoulder Pain on Incline, not Flat/Decline. What is It?

It sucks getting older!

I have something weird going on with my left shoulder. I’ve had rotator cuff issues on the right side through out my life so I do rotator cuff exercises when I feel pain. The therapy has always worked but it’s not really working on the left.

A few weeks ago I started to do incline Flys and Bam! Shoulder pain from hell. I stopped doing them immediately. I set the bench up for barbell incline and I have the same pain. I can do all of the rotator cuff checks no problem or pain.

I can do bench, decline bench with zero pain but raise the bench even 30° and I can’t lift anything without pain.

I plan on seeing a doctor but just curious if anyone has experienced the same and the outcome?

Where is the shoulder pain, specifically?

Probs just hips out abit and tight upper back

Pain feels like it’s in the Labrum and bursa area and there’s a slight pull or dull pain at the superior bicep area.

Since I’m still recovering from my THIRD shoulder surgery in 10 years, I’ll chime in. I had the same thing, pain pretty much went away except when I was doing front lateral raises above 90 degrees. The real test (although silly) was that I couldnt put a jug of milk back in the fridge without pain.

So, are you having strength issues or just discomfort?

Was that your rotator cuff? I would say if the pain wasn’t there I wouldn’t have any strength issues. I just refuse to fight through it and hurting it worse.

Yep. RC repair.

My best advice is to go see a good orthopedic surgeon. You’ll get x-rays and an MRI to see if there is soft tissue damage. Plus, they will have you do some external rotation movements to test your strength.

Torn tendons don’t heal themselves. MAYBE you could try a peptide or something and get some relief but if you want to restore the structural integrity of your shoulder, you probably need it surgically repaired.

Most of us have bone spurs too that can impinge on the tendons and can make them weaker.

I did my own ultrasound. Bone spur👍