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Shoulder Pain/Numbness in Left Arm

I’ve been plagued by problems with my left shoulder for years now. I’m 37, and have been lifting as heavy for over 25 years. In the past few years I’ve been having episodes of numbness and tingling that runs from my front deltoid to the top of my forearm. In addition to this recent numbness, sleeping is a real issue sometimes because my hand falls asleep and I got a sensation of “pins and needles.”

Has anyone used any techniques aside from the usual rest and anti-inflammatories to manage this? Could active release or deep tissue massage help? I’ve read that it could be brachial plexus injury and I believe it’s due to pinched nerves in the cervical spine from years of heavy lifting. I believe my rotator cuff could have tears and scar tissue build up as well. I don’t have insurance so seeing doctors isn’t really an option unless it’s life threatening.

Wow! No responses as usual. I guess I need to find a new site. it seems on a “pay no mind list” or something…

Triggerpoints in the neck and muscles on and around the scapula is werry common. Also stiff joints in the cervical and thoracic part of the back is normal.

It could be brachial plexus being pinched from the neck muscles. Try doing a lateral flexon (try to get your ear straight down to your shoulder. but just your neck moving).when you are as far down as you can, try pulling you head back up with your hand while resisting with the neck muscles. Do you get the same needles and pins feeling?

I recomend a good naprapath who can do further testing and treatment.

Thanks for the advice tst. And yes i do have difficulty with said movement of neck. I am going today for cortisone.

I just started taking extra magnesium today, and wow what a difference. The constant neck and trap stiffness have susided about 80%.