Shoulder Pain No Strength When Pressing

I had a shoulder injury about 6 years ago where I pretty much lost all power when press bench and overhead but mostly overhead. It took me about 4 years to get to a decent level of strength back in my shoulder but recently after a mountain bikeing accident showing the same symptoms no overhead strength and pain when press. It feels like the pain comes from where my front delt joins my clavicle. Don’t want to take 4 more years to recover from this injury. Any tips or recovery training info I could use would be appreciated.

Get a physical therapist to check if your long head bicep tendon is still in the bicep groove at the front of your shoulder

Thanks I’ve got an appointment tomorrow I’ll ask him to check. Been sent for x-rays to see if it was a partial dislocation.

It’s okay mate, I had shoulder pain for years and had an MRI which revealed a labrum tear and when they actually went in to do the surgery the labrum was fine and it was actually my bicep tendon had come out of groove and was like shredded from rubbing on the bone so it was a pretty unnecessary surgery really if I just had the tendon put back in place by the physical therapist initially!
Good luck man

Cheers mate if nothing comes from the x-rays will have to push for the MRI scan to see what’s happening hate not being able to train properly

I know exactly what you mean mate it is really annoying and just makes you feel fed up when training is very important to you, maybe focus on what you can do like lower body, core, grip strength, back work etc :slight_smile:

Yea will do give me a chance to change up my training might do me some good :slight_smile: