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Shoulder Pain from Vertical Pressing

A while back I was going hard on OHP and Z Press, with Vertical Pressing 2x a week and Horizontal pressing 1x

My shoulder started acting up so I stopped. Horizontal pressing doesnt hurt, but low bar squats did, so I switched to low bar squats on the Transformer Bar (1D setting)

A massage therapist said it could be bicep tendinitis, with the distal head pulling at the shoulder, so I’m thinking that could be the culprit, especially since I crash down and use that bounce from the bottom.

Lately, I’ve been doing my mobility work again (stopped for a while back and surprise, I got hurt), and added in some Shoulderok in my warmup.
Currently doing:
Front Wall Slides
Thoracic Extension across the bench
Face Pulls/Band Pull Aparts

Bench days used to have chest flies, but I decided to do the opposite with Rear Delt Swings (like John meadows’ article)

What else can I do specifically to rehab/prehab it? I fell super short on my OHP goals and I’ve love to bring it back up

Anchor a small band down low, near the floor and behind you a little bit. Then grab the other end and do an uppercut motion, using bicep and elevating your shoulder.

Start slow, with short ROM. Then increase speed and height of the uppercut. Go for high reps (20, 30- 40+) to pump up and rehab your bicep tendonitis. And allow your shoulder blade to raise as your hand comes above your shoulder. Like practicing good shoulder motion so you don’t aggrevate your biceps overhead pressing in the future.

I also like these shoulder rotations during upper body warm ups to make sure everything is moving right in pec/shoulder/bicep.

Start far from the wall with small circles if your motion is restricted. Move towards the wall with bigger circles as you improve.

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You should never have uncontrolled movement in a lift. That is prime for injury.

If the pain does not subside after a couple of weeks, you really need to get it evaluated by a sports oriented orthopedic surgeon. An MRI is needed to see soft tissue damage. If a tendon is torn, it will not heat on its own. You may develop scar tissue and have some limited use but it will always be subject to injury.

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Dude, I know what you’re going through. There’s nothing more demotivating in the gym than pain that keeps you from progressing. I’ve been dealing with shoulder issues. Here are some things that may help.

Try viking presses and push-up variations instead of military press and bench press for a while.

A couple t-nation articles.

I just ordered this from Amazon after reading a lot of good anecdotal accounts of how hang therapy helps with shoulder problems.

Personally, I’ve found that shrugs (light dumbbells, high reps) and straight-arm pull-downs provide some relief. Also work on scapular mobility - scap push-ups/pull-ups, etc.

I went to physical therapy for a month for shoulder impingement and didn’t see any improvement, so I’m now taking matters into my own hands.

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Thanks all.

Still having a lil tightness, but nothin killer. Bench is feeling better than ever tho. But damn, I shoulda known that bounce in my OHP was no good.

Now I’m worried about my divebomb/bounce for squats :open_mouth:

Shot in the dark but could be some scapular dysfunction involved if overhead is worse than horizontal pressing. Something like a theracane or lacrosse ball on a wall can loosen up the area.

How do you feel about the shoulderok? I’m tempted to get one

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My gym loves it and a handful of guys use it all the time. My coach gets his own coaching from Kabuki, so we have alot of Kabuki equipment

I have a deep tissue massage tomorrow, so hopefully that should help.