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Shoulder Pain from Pull Ups?


I recently started 'Greasing the groove' with pull ups, as in I'm doing a couple of reps everytime I pass my bar.
A couple of days after I started doing this, I started to get some shoulder pain, in the front of my shoulder.
I haven't been doing much pressing work, which I hear is usually the cause of shoulder pain.
So could anyone enlighten me as to what is causing this pain?
I'm doing a lot of neutral grip pull ups, less chins and even less wide grips.


Without a physical assessment and more information, it is very difficult to tell, but based off of the information given, I'd assume you just have an overuse injury of your biceps tendon.

How often had you been doing pull ups prior to this "greasing the groove" phase? Are you in proper scapular positioning during the entire movement?


I had been doing pull ups like twice a week, but really low rep since I wasn't that good at them
I am in proper scapular positioning, as in squeezing the shoulder blades and moving my shoulders away from my ears for lack of better terminology
The overuse of bicep tendon actually fits because when I took a day off, the pain eased up so I think I'll just be a bit more easy with my rest days.



Its common to get that kinda of pain when first starting pull ups. I think everyone who does enough gets it. Your tendons eventually condition themselves for it. I get it rarely now. Al you have to do it ice it and even better take the minerals glucosamine and chondroitin. It helps strenght joints and tendons. Hope you get better at the pull ups!


Anterior shoulder pain is linked to the infraspinatus. Look for one of Eric Cressey's videos for how to do some soft tissue work there.


No expert but i seen a few authors state that TOO much direct lat work can cause shoulder problems. My shoulder is the best he's even been, i haven't done a pullup or pulldown in 3 mths. I use DB rows and pullovers for lats. Include conventional deads i guess.