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Shoulder Pain From Laterals


after 2 rc surgeries i'm up and getting back in the swing of things.except having problems on the rt shoulder(one operated on), this only happens when i'm doing side laterals. feels like someone put a flame thrower under my skin,hurts like a bitch. any ideas here? was thinking about going back and seeing the dr. but that takes forever to get in.


After my shoulder surgery It feels like my left armpit is on fire about 25% of the time. I think it’s just one of the bonuses of shoulder surgery


IMO, bad shoulders and the following exercises don’t mix:

Side laterals
front raises
heavy overhead lifts
upright rows

I have replaced these with

Crazybell bench - stabilty
Incline DB press
KB bench and military press - stability
seated db cleans
face pulls
Halos and dislocations for warmups or finishers
Mobility work when on the road.

Long history of terrible shoulders has taught me what keeps them healthy. for me anyway.


Have you tried bending your elbows when doing lateral raises, lowering the weight or asking your physical therapist?


Machine laterals are more comfortable for me than using the DBs.