Shoulder Pain from HLR/Pull Up

I started doing a higher volume of pull ups and hanging leg raises about a month ago after a installed a pull-up bar in my home.

Now I’m getting pain in my left shoulder when raising it, under the arm pit and in the front deltoid.

My left shoulder has always been a little weaker, but generally the healthiest of the two.
I tried adding foam rolling on my teres major and that relieved all pain but only over-night.
I’ve also stopping doing any vertical pulling.

The only thing I can think of that would cause the problem is that I start at the bottom of the rep with a dead hang. Really stretches my lats.

Anyone ever have this problem or have any suggestions?

My AC joint was swollen and inflammed not too long ago and pullups/HLR aggravated it greatly, more so than anything else in fact. The HLRs were the worst from the “straight arm lat pull down motion”, trying to not pull up but push the bar away from my body when I was trying to stabilize my torso. Chin ups didn’t bother it half as much.

I didn’t feel it under the arm pit at all and I had a hard time pinpointing the area at first. The swelling at the joint showed me what was f-ed up not too long after. I couldn’t tell you if this is your problem or not.

I rehabbed by staying away from any movements that aggravated it and doing conventional shoulder rehab stuff. You might want to give some scap retractions a shot.

HLR’s never worked out for me. I can do dead hang pullups, and go heavy on them, but if I do HLRs my shoulders hurt. Id drop them and go to ball/wheel rollouts or decline situps. Also as for grip width. Ive had much more success; and less pain, with shoulder width and just a bit wider than shoulder width. I only go wide on lat pulldowns with lighter weight. Heavier weights and wider grip is just asking for an injury.

HLR’s kill my shoulders too. I much prefer to use a pair of ab slings and attach them to a pull up bar and do em that way.

Thanks for the advice guys, I’m glad I’m not the only one with that problem.