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Shoulder Pain from Doing Low Bar Squats, Any Suggestions

Hello, so I’m extremely new at lifting weights. I just started ICF 5X5. I’m on my fifth week. I have never lifted weights before. So this is all new.

I’m 52 year old. The only exercise I did was judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu and body weight stuff I did in the Army.

I started very low in weight. As I wanted to get form down at first. Which was fine for me. I am 186cm or 6’1” and 116kg in weight. I’ve had left shoulder problems most of my adult life. Also bad knees and left ankle.

My shoulder pain is in the front part of the socket. If that helps not sure. Anyways looking for suggestions on shoulder mobility exercises. As I have some severe pain on low bar squats. This is the first time that it was painful. My right shoulder is fine. My left shoulder hurts even before I take the bar off the rack. It is getting worst now. It started as a numbness. Now is the first time I’ve experience pain.

So I was think I could 1) do some shoulder mobility exercises. That could help it out. 2) do high bar squats instead. But if so how should I start. As it’s a new exercise. Start from zero weight and work up? 3) switch my routine from squats as my first exercise. Right now Day 1 I do squats, bench press, etc… day 2 squats, deadlifts etc… 3 times a week.

Because after squats my left shoulder is painful. So doing BP is a problem. Any suggestions would be helpful. I appreciate it. Thanks.

Also having acupuncture and massage once a week now. That helps out also.

Unless you have a powerful reason to be doing low-bar squats, don’t do them. Use a variation like high bar or safety squat bar or front squats or zercher squats or any variation that doesn’t hurt. Low bar likely lets you move the most weight, sure, but you can get strong legs/back squatting other ways.

And maybe get that shoulder checked out? Numb is not good, increasing pain is not good.

Thanks no real reason to do them. As I’m new just doing this for the benefits. So high bar squats would be better or front? My gym doesn’t have a safety bar unfortunately.

Go with high bar. Unless you plan on working on shoulder mobility.

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If you can, try gripping at the collars (the bigger round part that the weight go against). It will feel weird and uncomfortable initially. I cant really do it because the gym I use only has an old school fixed rack so I would have to back completely outside of it to avoid banging the spotters with my arms.

Try using one of these. Buy your own, don’t use the sweaty, way too soft ones in most gyms.

Possibly, the bar might be resting on the wrong spot on your cervical spine, and over time might be leading to the numbness you’re experiencing. I am not a doctor, but this happened to me personally.

If you get a sissy pad, we may have to make fun of you.