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Shoulder Pain From Chins


when i did my chins and pullups today i experienced shoulder pain i think in the joint capsule. any ideas what the problem is ?


Sorry for the hijack, but it seeems bad putting it in a new thread. Could someone explain why I experience pain the next day in my front delt (is that right, the front portion of the shoulder), when I do dips. I can do them at ym own bodyweiht no assistance, for about 8 or 9 in a set.

Do i go too far down? Or am I getting used to them, as they are fiarly new.


bump... come on guys


It seems most people(myself included) have shoulder issues from muscle imbalances and neglected shoulder muscles. You didn't mention what grip/type of pullups you were doing or if the pain was constant or happened at the end of a set, etc... I would suggest checking out the shoulder savers articles or any of the other shoulders articles on the site and try incorporating one of those into your routines for a month or two.

My shoulders still crack and pop during my shoulder lifts like they always do but don't do it anymore randomly during the day or when I'm not lifting and I don't get pain like I used to after doing a shoulders routine at the end of my normal routine. That being said you may have another issue completely so if that doesnt work you might want to have it checked out depending on how much it hurts. Just my $.02



i was doing medium grip supinated and pronated.
pain was during the negative part of the pull/chin.

yea its nothing extreme pretty dull and stopped as soon as i stopped chins thanks