Shoulder Pain During Squat

Recently i started to feel pain in my left shoulder during squats also with empty bar. It was bearable for weeks but today hurt really bad. I thought it was because of bar position. I tried high bar with wide medium and narrow grip. Low bar, elbows up down everything. The pain is there even when i just use a broomstick and only in the left rear delt. This is getting depressing my mobility is good i do shoulders dislocation everyday. It also hurts when i do bands pull apart. Benching is pain free though.
I dont know what to do going to the doctor would be pointless they would just say DONT SQUAT ANYMORE.
Did you guys had issues like this one?

Can you tell whether it’s joint pain or muscular pain? I would consult a physician in case it’s your rotator cuff.

Straight bar squatting is eventually going to irritate your shoulders unfortunately. Take a week off or use a safety squat bar for a little while until it clears up. That, or push through it.

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Seems more like a nerve or muscular problem. Not joint for sure

Ill try the safety bar and see… Thanks

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You could also try front squatting for a while.