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Shoulder Pain During Front Squats


I just started doing front squats last week. My left shoulder got a serious jab of pain while doing my second set. So, this week I went to do them again at a very light weight, and it still killed. On they way down it’s fine, but as soon as I start to push back up it feels like knives in my shoulder. I just got done a bottle of combined gluc, chon, and msm. As well, I do rotator cuff exercises at least once per week. My shoulder didn’t hurt during any other exercises at all.

Anyone ever feel this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If need be, I’ll upload a picture of me balancing a shoe on my shoulder lol.


Try messing around with your grip width. I found that when I moved my hands in a bit from my clean grip it was more comfortable to me.

Sounds like the bar isn’t racked completely. If it’s racked properly you really should feel much of anything in your shoulders. Try repositioning the bar and adjusting your grip until you find a more comfortable spot.

Are you doing it oly style?

That will most likely help.

You probably need to work on your flexibility. Until your flexible try doing them with your arms crossed bodybuilding style or you could do Zercher squats.

Here is how you place the bar.

[quote]Chewie wrote:
Are you doing it oly style?

That will most likely help. [/quote]

no im not. i’ll give that a try though.

i have a sore left wrist which has been bothering me for months (snowboarding) and I have a feeling olympic style may be uncomfortable.

i don’t know what zercher’s are but i’ve heard the term often and i’ll look them up.

[quote]Krollmonster wrote:
Here is how you place the bar.[/quote]

yeah that’s about where i have it, but i don’t do it olympic style.