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Shoulder Pain During DL


Hey all,

I’ve been reading articles here on T-nation for a long time and thought I’d finally join. Anyway I’m posting here because I’m not really sure where this would fit. Basically as of late the left side of my shoulder (shoulder blade area) has been extremely sore, I think the problem stemmed from when I was doing some low-bar squats last week. Since then I can feel it even when I deadlift, anyone else have the same problem? I’ve adjusted my grip to ensure that elbows are directly facing my body rather than outwards when I’m pulling which does help but the pain is still there. I’m wondering if there’s any fixes at all for this.

TIA :slightly_smiling:


Sounds like a weak mid back wich is caused from rounding or overarching. You should do some wall exercises (leaning on the wall and keeping your back flat then trying to get your chest out while maintaining a flat back).
Heres an video that explains it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfcvMXuT8ac