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Shoulder Pain Doing 6 Weeks to Superhero


I started the plan this past week, and on Thursday's workout I started to notice some pain in both shoulders during my front squats and cleans. Strangely the overhead presses were fine. It felt like a sore rotator cuff from pitching back in high school. Today during the bench press complex I was in such pain that I had to stop and call it quits. I definitely know the difference between soreness and bordering on messing something up pain, so my question is... Has this happened to anyone else? (Sorry if there's a post about this already, I did a quick search and found nothing)

I figured it could've been due to the amount of volume I threw at my muscles this past week (I incorporated the active rest CT had the guys do) or just random chance. Either way, if you've experienced this, please let me know what you did to get past it! I plan on taking saturday and sunday off, icing and stretching, and hitting it again Monday morning

As a sidenote, I noticed all the guys eating lots of FINiBARs with their Indigo-3G. The pills aren't currently in my budget, but are the 16g of sugar any cause for concern?


Well as a pitcher and a person with the same sort of problem, unfortunately the shoulder pain will probably always be there. For me it flares up evey now and then. The main ways I handle it is pressing with DB's, floor presses, milder ramps (go up in smaller increements), and avoiding the "pump". Other than that I would just listen to my body.


I had mainly been doing my pressing with DB's before, maybe all the BB pressing has gotten to me. Thanks for the input, I'll definitely be taking it easy on the joint. Those old pains just never seem to go away = /


CT includes a lot of pressing work in this program so your shoulders may take some time to adjust. Mine were sore for the first 3 weeks and then it tapered off and keep in mind I followed his HP Mass method for six months prior to this. LOL


Had to stop the program way too much for my left shoulder. Loved the program though.


I have some trouble with my right shoulder, motorcycle accident. Doing lots of upper back work like rear delt rasises on a incline and weighted y raises between my sets of pressing has made my shoulder better then ever. I use both pinkies up and a palms facing the floor hand positions, whatever crosses my mind that session. I read somewhere you shouldn't load the y-rasies but it works for me, i do 8-12 reps.