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Shoulder Pain / Benching

So I have been using Alwyn Cosgrove’s shoulder program for a few weeks and my shoulder hasn’t gotten any better. The thing is it only hurts when I workout my chest (benching and dips). Has anyone tried glucosimine and msn? I was talking to someone today about it and they said it works well. Any thoughts???

I’m not sure what your shoulder problems are, but I had very sharp pain while benching a few months back. Here’s a thread I posted and the responses. Eric Cressey gave me a very detailed response you might want to look at.


Also, I recommend the shoulderhorn at www.shoulderhorn.com.

Yes…go to a sports doc. I waited too long trying to fix the problem, when I was in fact doing more damage (also with bench and dips). Ended up with impingement in the left shoulder (which I have now overcome) and osteolysis in my right (almost certainy requiring surgery).


I went through the same thing as well a few months back to a lesser degree. Turns out it was from bad form while benching. I was lifting my left shoulder to assist on heavy weights–arching my back and using my shoulder to leverage upward instead of keeping the shoulder blades flat on the bench. So my advice would be to check your form next time you’re in the gym and see if you are doing something like this.

For rehab execises, gently work the supraspinatus muscle (a band that runs underneath the deltoid and is used for switching the load between anterior, medial, and posterior). There is a good workout called “Triple Decker Delts” that discusses how to hit the supraspinatus.