Shoulder Pain and Flameout

Hello all,

I am brand new to this site, but have been lifting semi-seriously for about 7 years. I am 6’4 and about 215lbs, down from about 250 4-5 months ago. I was expiriencing very hard to figure out shoulder pain, which I have had problems with off and on for as long as I can remember. So in order to avoid damage I just stuck to the cardio and cut down to my current wieght. I have had an MRI and the shoulder is structurally ok, and the dock figures it is just tendonitus. I am now trying to get back on track to reaching my goal weight of a solid 260, but need to be carful not to iritate and inflame my shoulder.

I am paying much more attention to form and nutrition, and have been reading up on a few bodybuilding books I have purchased. I saw some adds for that Flameout product, and am curious about its effectiveness. Any tips or info is appreciated. thanks!

While I doubt the addition of EFA’s will heal your shoulder injury, it definitly wont hurt it. That said, Flameout is awesome for joints in general, even the uninjured ones.

Flameout helps alot, knee aches vanished.

IMO, this is another one of those supplements that you’ll notice is working more subtley than anything else. If you take it for a couple of months, you’ll probably notice that some of the more mild aching around the joints may disappear.

Outside of that, if you have a more arthritic condition, it’s not going to do much for that. It’s still worth taking, if for nothing else, the health benefits alone for fish oils make it a worthwhile addition.

man, if you’re having shoulder pains, see a sports physical therapist. I got my shoulder messed up through some wrestling back in january. I tried fixing it myself with specific exercises, supplements and ice. Things got better but not 100%. I just started therapy with a sports therapist and finished my 3rd apt. today.

That man has fingers from god! I got diagnosed with a minor shoulder impingement and do exercises at the office as well as stretches and deep tissue massage therapy. i got 1 month of therapy and i’m gonna be 100%. don’t waste time by guessing and figuring things out for yourself. save time and see a specialist man. trust me, i speak from experience. they are there to help and make you better!