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Shoulder Pain After Increased Benching


theres a pain in my shoulder and im starting to worry as it has become more prevalent lately.
it's at the 'bump' at the outer end of my clavicle, sort of where the upper trapezius connects to the clavicle itself. a quick google search makes it out to be the "superior transverse scapular ligament" or the AC joint. not sure if that's correct though.

as far as pain goes, it hurts when i flex my left trap as in a most muscular pose. and i dont really have any pain while actually benching.

im hoping it isnt an AC joint issue as i leave for infantry basic training at ft benning in 12 days. any help/advice is appreciated


Ft Benning in August is brutal enough with the heat and humidity! And if you need medical attention from the get go, the drill instructors and other trainees will be merciless. You'll get medical attention but you'll also get more than your fair share of verbal abuse.

What type of exercises do you mostly do? Google Neer Test and Hawkins Test. As honestly as possible, perform those tests and see how you feel.

For now, drop ALL straight bar benching, over head pressing (bar or db), and any behind the neck pushing or pulling. Also, if you're one of those guys who still do upright rows, drop that as well.

If you do those tests, and get back to us with your log, we can shed some more light on the subject.