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Shoulder Pain After Decline Press


Was doing decline bench press. Lowered weight to chest 185lbs(work set of 245lbs)when i heard a crack in my right shoulder. Shoulder felt weak and had a little pain in it but nothing crazy. Almost felt like when your shoulder pops out and when you put it back in its super weak a pretty useless(but not as bad). Now i can move almost all over, just cant put arm behind my back. Not server pain but something is not right,also if i left anything around or above my chest i can feel slight discomfort. Any ideas.


Perhaps give your shoulders a rest for about a month or so an steer clear of any exercises that cause discomfort. For pain id make sure you take flax oil and fish oils iv found personally they have helped with joint pain.

Personally id ditch the decline press for the time being an perhaps learn proper bench pressing technique so as to save your shoulders.
Here is a mini series from dave tate on bench pressing. I highly recommend you watch them as the technique he teaches takes a lot of pressure from your shoulders away
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Shoulder still hurts. Haven't been lifting for 2 weeks. I can flex my shoulder and it doesn't hurt but when i flex my lat and shoulder it hurts, more of a pinching pain. Push-ups hurt at the bottom portion and bicep curls and any kind of press also hurt. Deadlifts and pullups no pain. Pain seems to be coming right behind the front delt maybe on the acromion. Any more insight.