Shoulder Pain, Ac Joint?

About four months ago I was doing pause reps on bench and felt some shoulder pain. Nothing too bad. I had stopped for the day and next bench day I had pain again. No pain during overhead movements very slight during pullups. I stopped exercising altogether until just a couple days ago I started doing some strengthening things at home to get back in the gym.

All shoulder work feels file. I use a 5lb weight with high reps. Push-ups though seem to aggravate it. I can do them but it just doesn’t seem right. No pain during any movement or anything. Only during flat pressing.

Is there pain in your ac joint if you take that arm and reach over across your chest to your shoulder? If so, could be ac. If not, still could be but the above test is helpful to tease out ac pathology.

I had same issue 6 years ago exact same exercise, I thought it was frozen shoulder cut a long story short and injections later I ended up with X-ray to be told bad new arthritic ac joint not so bad now but it does have its bad days