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Shoulder Overhaul



I'm trying to plan out the days between the shoulder days. CT suggested using a similar weight/rep/set ratio in order to not confuse your body and start growing shoulders on your quads. (ok he didn't really mention the shoulder on your quads part!). This is what i have for the remaining days of accumulation:

bicep exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
tricep exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
bicep exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest
tricep exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest

chest exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
back exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
chest exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest
back exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest

quad exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
hams exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
quad exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest
hams exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest
abs exercise 1: 3x12 12RM 60s rest
abs exercise 2: 3x15 15RM 60s rest

Calves i do on one of the off days by just having a light easy walk on an incline in order to get the blood flowing for recovery whilst doing calves at the same time.

On the intensification week i was planning on doing a similar approach (i.e. similar reps/sets/weight) as the shoulder days on the intensification phase.

My question is, should i add a third exercise for each body part during accumulation (as CT has 3 shoulder exercises on the shoulder days) and also match the number of exercises per muscle group used on the intensive phase? (i.e. 4 exercises per muscle group)

I think it might be slightly overtraining though, seems like a lot. So maybe i should do one less exercise per muscle group, so, in accumulation 2 per muscle group and in intensification 3 per muscle group?

Us newbies seem (well i do anyways) to always want to do toooo much. Hopefully someone can point me away from overtraining! thanks! :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention. The schedule above is for the first week. After the first week the reps/sets/weights would adjust in order to match the shoulder days. So all other body parts would accumulate in a similar way to the shoulders.


I have done the SO before and am about to finish it for a second time (i have 2 weeks left). Im both cases, i didnt adjust my other training to reflect the shoulder work.

IMO, you can do it either way as i didnt have any issues in my case, but if CT recommends it, then go for it. But to me, it looks a little monotonous and boring to have everything the same...mixing it up shouldnt be a problem. Im sure others have some differing perspective to ours, but good luck mate, its a fkn gruelling program.


Gruelling? Excellent! :slight_smile:

Hope the gains are as good as the program is...

What did you use on your other days by the way?


Just did my second last w/o last night..my shoudlers are sore. did push presses 4x5 with 145 but failed on my last rep of the last set...but getting to your question, im doing CW's lift fast get big program, so on those 3 w/o days a week, im doing 6x3 (front squats, dips, chins, leg curls) 5x5 (DL, flat bench, BO row, curls and tri extensions) & 4x6 (back squat, incline DB bench, seated row, curl and close grip bench).

the first time i did SO which was in jan/feb this year i was doing work in the 6-8 & 8-12 rep range...if i can remember, i have my records somewhere, but on the last w/o, the 3x4 set/reps, i did 145 lbs for the push press, and now im hitting that weight with the penultimate w/o. good luck with it, its fun :smiley: (esp the 6x12 day :wink:


That's quite a schedule, i was just looking at lift fast get big.

So you train mon (SO), tue (LFGB), wed (off), thur (LFGB), fri (LFGB), sat (SO) and sun (off)???

You don't feel overtrained in the slightest? :slight_smile:


Tis a great program. I've done it twice. You'll see tangible results in your shoulders by the time you've finished. I did alter my other workouts slightly to accommodate the SO program- for example on Chest day- you won't want/need to do many pressing movements- as your triceps and shoulders will be fatigued from all the shoulder work. Actually- I shouldn't generalize- maybe you won't have that issue- but I did. Remember- this is a specialization program- you can cut the volume on your other body parts and just maintain while you work on your shoulders.