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Shoulder Overhaul Excel Sheet



I posted previsouly regarding Shoulder Overhaul by CT. I have now created an excel sheet with the 8 week program in it. I'd like to hear some opinions on whether it's too heavy, too light (probably not) and what changes i should make in order to not die mid 8 weeks... :slight_smile:

The link is:




good work, man!

really appreciate it.

you ungrateful T-slobs better leave some props to the man for his work.



Good job! I do the same thing but, I add a "remarks" column. I use 1 thru 10 (1 2 3 ..9 10). 1 - being I don't want to be in the gym and 10 being I a God. I circle number I feel like that day and write down any problems I had (sore back, curler in the squat rack). It helps me to know if I'm working out to much or not getting enough sleep.


pretty spreadsheet

i thought the program was too heavy ... the first few sets were fine, but then i didn't have the ability to continue at the prescribed intensities ... then again, i'm a pansy

ask Thib about changes to make ... that's what i would do



good work man...a good way of tracking your w/o.

ive got one more week left (ie: last day of 2nd phase) and i fear i may have hurt my left shoulder as its taking a beating on rows, but my bench is ok.

just be careful with the other w/o days in that you dont over do it as its a lot of volume in your w/o, but thats just my opinion, for all i know, that is what you are used too...anyway, good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

PS: after i finish ths program, im looking to still incorporate specific shoulder work, what i want to know is what type of exercises are best to carry on with...im easily thinking to keep doing OH presses either standing or seated (both BB and DB) and maybe push presses and power upright rows...

would it be useful adding in any of the isolation stuff or not to bother with that???


Thanks for the input. I'll post the link to this thread in CT's locker room. Hopefully he'll bless this thread with a visit :).

I normally have an extra column (which i forgot to add actually) which is "Completed Reps" and i write in the number of reps i complete each set so that if i don't manage to do the full number of reps i can push myself harder the next week and try and improve on my previous weeks performance.

Thanks again,



Just an update, posted on The Thib Zone, hopefully he'll post a reply in here and i'll make the alterations he suggests (if any) to the work out.