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Shoulder Overhaul Accountability Program


Yeup haha, I don’t follow a strict regimine by any means, but I try to avoid sugar, chips, and fast food like the plague. So Taco Bell, Wendy’s, 2 bags of chips, and 2 full flavored Java Monsters later…


That’s one of the benefits of my job - most of that crap is unavailable, so I usually eat very clean over here. They do, however, keep a fully stocked freezer of ice cream…


Im lucky in the fact i dont have a sweet tooth. Never cared for chocolate, or candy, or anything, but my portion control is totally non-existent. I usually only get fast food if I’m with a friend or something and we have been out and about and just want a quick bite. It’s just that “quick bite” for me is usually like 5 burritos and a few tacos, or the whole bag of chips, or the 4 pack of monsters in an hour because they’re within arms reach… ugh. Those halo top ice creams are a god send though, if I only have 1, I can only eat 1


I have a sweet tooth, but it usually doesn’t take much to cure it. Most fast food doesn’t do much for me, I’m pretty picky when it comes to that (thanks Super Size Me - no, seriously, thank you). The way I eat you would think I’d be a much lower BF, but I’m usually eating to put on or maintain size. As long as I can see my abs I’m happy, and my wife doesn’t like me ripped anyway. She’s definitely not into the ‘dadbod’ bullshit, but ripped muscle is hard and dense and not comfortable to snuggle with. Which works for me, cause I don’t have the discipline to stay at that low of a BF anyway.


This is my kryptonite. Had 5 steak quesaritos yesterday during some drunk escapade.



  • Conditioning: rope blasts, increasing intensity for 10 mins
  • Incline Bench Giant Set
    -BB rows 8 reps 135/155/155/155/168
    -Incline Bench 5 reps 135/155/185/205/225
    -Hanging Leg Raise 5 x 10
    -Jumping Jacks 45s extremely aggressive
  • Incline Bench Volume
    -185lbs 13reps/9reps/8reps/3reps
    -100lbs 10x3
    -Skull Crushers
    -Band pullaparts

Shoulder felt substantially better after just dropping the weight. Think I’m simply jumping too high on OHP. Also Incline felt great, I’m uncomfortable enough to be forced to use a lot of control. Kind of went balls to the wall on rope blasts and jumping jacks, and felt extremely controlled and not winded. Pretty fantastic day.



  • Conditioning: Burpees. (Increased aggression)
  • Deficit Deadlift Giant Set (3" Deficit)
    -Leg Curls 50lbs 5x8
    -D Deadlift 135x5, 205x5, 305x3, 355x1, 370x1
    -D Crunches 5x20
    -Battle Rope 20s, 30s, 30s, 40s, 40s
  • D Deadlift Volume
    -295lbs 9reps, 5 reps, 5 reps
  • Squat EMOM
    -185lbs 10x3
  • Assistance
    -I would have literally rather died.

I was already fond of deadlift, but switching from paused to deficit shot it right up to my favorite lift.
I definitely had another set in me on my giant set, but I ran out of weight. Need to fix that asap.
Felt powerful, can definitely feel my strength skyrocketing on Deadlift.
The made it all the way to 370 without a belt, which is a first for me. Used a belt on giant sets due to core being fried.
Dropped weight on Squat EMOM, made a world of difference. Fast and powerful.

Kick ass day.


Edit: *Used belt on volume sets


Glad that worked out for yah. all about dat power


Still waiting for Squat EMOM to kill me. I feel like I’m going to die each time I do it, but, surprisingly, I come out alive each time.

Using the ropes for conditioning sounds terrible, keep it up!


Yeah, it’s kicked my ass twice now, but my legs have always been my weak point, I never really worked them until octoberish of last year, now I’m trying to kill them.

Should’ve been noted the “ropes” are actually toe straps wrapped around a tire, because I’m poor. But they’re not too bad honestly, the warm up on my shoulder helps infinitely more than any amount of pain they put me through.


I hear you on legs being a weak point, I never really learned how to squat until last year and my first time feeling confident enough to attempt a 1RM was last June. Still trying to figure out the deadlift…

Progress comes fast though!

Ropes don’t have to be “ropes” if they get the job done. I do like how much giant sets warm up the joints, used to take 30-40 mins before I’d attempt a max and now I’m ready in under 20.


OHP sucks :slight_smile: But it’s really rewarding in terms of badassness.

Brace really hard. I think it’s Rippetoe that advocates how to put the bar in the palm, it has helped me. The bar follows a line from pointerfinger across the palm to opposite wrist. Can’t really explain.
But the hard bracing really helped a ton. It’s just damn hard to do for several sets.

For rehab of shoulders here on TN there’s an article about kneeling buttom up KB press, on pressing days do a couple of sets of those. Along with BPA your shoulder should be fine.


@chaoshander I’m late to they party but I read your intro and maxes. Your 185 OHP compared to a 315 bench is better than you think. This article says OHP should be 60% of bench. You’re close.

I was actually thinking my 170 OHP is garbage today so I looked at the ratios today. I’m only a few pounds below the recommendation so I feel a little better.


Hey bruh, you alive? No updates for 5 days, what happened?


Darkhorse buck off?


No guys I’m here, I actually just came to update. Life (work) is kind of in the way, but I’m still in it. Haven’t missed a day, I’ll probably update tomorrow.


Need some advice. So, as I’ve stated before, I live in NC, and I lift out of my garage. Well as of today, its officially too hot. We had a heat index of 108° today.

I’m all about pushing myself to my limits, but today was far past that. I went in confident, and slammed out my conditioning, got through 3 giant sets, feeling great. Then after my fourth I immediately puked, and couldn’t straighten my vision, had to call it quits.

So. As a group effort, is there a good alternative on days like today? It usually rains enough in the afternoon to keep it in the low 90s, which I can manage, but there was no way in hell today.

Should I just do what I can, and hopefully adapt?
Should i shrink the giant sets to supersets?

It shouldn’t be a consistent issue, but it very well could be a week or more at a time, and I don’t want to deviate too much if possible.

So uh… help?


Portable a/c? Around $200-300 I think, if you have the cash to spare


Or a big ass floor fan, like you see in warehouses and such. Don’t know what those go for. I’d love to have one out here.